The WQAX Scrapbook

Two books in Bloomington Indiana serve as the currently public accessible history of WQAX.

This scrapbook is rumored to have been last maintained by Neil Sharrow; the end date of 1983 would be roughly coincident with his tenure as GM of WQAX.

Stored for a number of years at the home of a WQAX alumnus and former GM of the station, the archive is now housed at WFHB, the community radio station serving Bloomington and environs.

We've made a rough catalog of the contents of this archive, currently maintained as a Microsoft Excel document (xls) and also available as a comma separated values document (cvs). Both are maintained in a single gzip archive for downloading.

Obviously, this list requires further cleanup and fleshing out. Beyond that work, our goal is to scan particular items from this scrapbook; if you have items you feel should be toward the top of our list, do send suggestions along to the site maintainer, or to the Quacking mailing list.